Think you can buy or sell a house on your own?

Get real—get a REALTOR®.

Partnering with a REALTOR® with real expertise can bring real value to buying and selling a home. Their guidance can prove an essential asset to helping you navigate one of life’s biggest investments.

From pre-listing through appointment presentations, offers, contracts, inspections, appraisals, closings, and follow-ups, REALTORS® perform scores of tasks that ensure a headache-free, finance-friendly transaction for you.

7 Reasons to Work with a REALTOR®

A REALTORS® Value — Attention to Details

By our estimates, there are almost 300 separate steps—big and small, and all important—involved in the home buying and selling process. Below are a few highlights.

  • Research all comparable past sales & currently listed properties
  • Review property ownership, tax assessment & deed information
  • Verify legal description, including plat records, surveys & other docs
  • Present detailed comparable market analysis (CMA) report
  • Develop pricing strategy with updates to CMA based on tour of home & needed updates & upgrades based on professional judgment & current market conditions
  • Examine current title information
  • Note all unrecorded property liens, agreements & easements
  • Establish homeowner association fees & obtain bylaw documents
  • Investigate provided utilities & services, including water & electricity
  • Prepare detailed list of property’s inclusions & conveyances with sale
  • Compile list of completed repairs & maintenance items
  • Evaluate offer(s) & prepare explanation of merits and weaknesses of each offer
  • Deliver Seller’s Disclosure to buyer upon request and prior to offer if possible
  • Prepare & convey counteroffers, acceptance or amendments
  • Record & promptly deposit buyer’s earnest money in escrow account
  • Disseminate under-contract showing restrictions as seller requests
  • Advise seller of additional offers submitted between contract & closing
  • Assist buyer with obtaining financing (if applicable) & follow-up as necessary
  • Deliver unrecorded property information to buyer
  • Order septic system inspection (if applicable)
  • Receive & review septic system report & assess any possible impact on sale
  • Deliver Well Flow Test Report copies to lender & buyer
  • Verify termite inspection ordered
  • Verify mold inspection ordered (if required)
  • Confirm verifications of deposit & buyer’s employment have been returned
  • Follow loan processing through to the underwriter
  • Review home inspector’s report
  • Ensure seller’s compliance with Home Inspection Clause requirements
  • Negotiate payment & oversee all required repairs on seller’s behalf (if needed)
  • Get contract signed by all parties
  • Coordinate closing process with buyer’s agent & lender
  • Assist in solving any title problems or in obtaining death certificates
  • Double check all tax, homeowners’ association dues, utility & applicable prorations
  • Receive and carefully review closing figures to ensure accuracy of preparation
  • Confirm buyer & buyer’s agent have received title insurance commitment
  • Provide homeowners warranty for availability at closing
  • Review documents with closing agent (attorney)
  • Coordinate closing with seller’s next purchase & resolve any timing problems
  • Have a no-surprises closing so seller receives a net-proceeds check at closing
  • Refer sellers to one of the best agents at their destination (if applicable)
  • Attempt to clarify & resolve any conflicts about repairs if buyer is not satisfied
  • Respond to any calls & provide any information required from office files

Real Experts. Real Value.
That's a REALTOR®.

Not every agent is a REALTOR®. REALTORS are agents who are members of the National Association of REALTORS® bound by its strict Code of Ethics.

With over 14,000 members, the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® is proud to be the largest professional trade organization in the city. Whether you’re in the market for your first home or already a homeowner, the REALTORS® of SABOR are ready to assist you with any home-related question you might have. Call us today at (210) 593-1200 or connect with a REALTOR® today by clicking the button below.


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